We work to improve and achieve the highest quality of our processes and products as well as the
service we offer to our customers.

We are also aware of the Environment. To reinforce our commitment to quality and environment, we have the ISO / TS certificates of quality and environment.

To ensure the quality of our products we have the following means:
o Two 3D measuring devices
o Welding laboratory
o Metallographic laboratory
o Traction machine

Environmental performance

METALÚRGICAS PABUR is a company committed to the conservation of the Environment and certified for it with ISO 14001.


In 2020 Pabur has managed to reduce water consumption by 11.45% in Liters / Tm manufactured compared to the previous three-year period.


In 2020 Pabur has managed to reduce plastic consumption by 15.11% in Kg of plastic / Tm manufactured compared to the previous three-year period.

Integrated Quality Management Policy

METALÚRGICAS PABUR, S.L. defines its policy as:

Satisfy the needs and expectations of the interested parties by continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes and the organization, ensuring quality, environmental protection and their health and safety.

• Define and implement corporate responsibility policies and ensure their knowledge and compliance.

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as customer requirements.

Supplyour clients with products and services that firmly meet their needs and expectations, minimizing both environmental and health and safety risks.

• The total control of the Manufacturing Process, detecting the causes that may produce errors before they occur, or taking corrective actions on the Process itself.

Always seek Quality and improve efficiency in each and every one of the activities of the Organization and maintaining the Quality and Environment System.

• Consider the integrated management of Quality and Environment as a strategic element in the organization and raise awareness and motivate professionals about the importance of the implementation and development of the system.

• Minimize the risks detected and continually improve the system to achieve the objectives set and to achieve total satisfaction of all interested parties.

In order to continue along this line, Metalúrgicas Pabur will review this policy every year, so that it is always updated with the requirements of our interested parties. It will also serve as a starting point to establish quality objectives.